As Mothers, Do We Know the Importance of the Children We Gave Birth To?

    This Christmas season, one of my most favorite songs is “Mary, Did You Know?” written by Mark Lowry.  In that song, Mary is asked whether she knew how great her child Jesus would be.  Did Mary know that her son would walk on water?  That he would calm the storm with his hand?  As she kissed his face, did she know that he had come to save us?  That he was the Lord of all creation?  The questions continue throughout the song.

    I love this song because I wonder what Mary thought about her son as she caressed him in her arms.  She was chosen by God to fulfill this critical role.  And as a mother, I think about my own sons.  I believe that I too was chosen by God to be the mother of my sons.  Do I truly know how important my sons are to God and how important they will be to their generation and generations to follow?  Do I expect greatness and importance out of them?  When they were babies, I held them in my arms and loved them as only a mother could.  And, yes, I do expect great things from my sons, because of who they are in Christ.  I know that God has great destinies for them.  

Author Soraya Diase Coffelt