Are Books Among The Most Important Objects In Your Home?

    When I walk into a person’s home, I can immediately know what is important to that person.  Is there music playing and music paraphernalia all around?  Are there toys and play areas for children in different spaces?  Is there a large tv screen with surround sound and other modern equipment to make tv viewing an experience?  I’m not being judgmental – simply stating facts.  

    When I walk into a person’s home and there are lots of books all around, I conclude that reading is a vital part of that person’s life.  When there are many books in a child’s bedroom, I know that the parent and child enjoy reading.   Walk through your own children’s bedrooms.  Are there more toys than books?  If so, what message are you conveying to your children?  Developing a love of reading in your children requires an observant and steadfast parent.  When your child asks for a toy, suggest a fun book or family board game instead.  When your child wants to do something “fun”, suggest an activity that involves reading.  Be ready in advance to give out answers and responses that involve reading so that you are not caught off guard.