Creating Comfortable Space for Your Children to Enjoy Reading

Creating Comfortable Space for Your Children to Enjoy Reading

Having a plethora of books available at home is one way to encourage your children to read.  Another important way is to have a comfortable space in or around the home where your children can enjoy that quiet reading time.  If the space is there, they will certainly take advantage of it.

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Laughing and Reading at the Same Time

What do children love to do and is very natural for them?  To laugh!  Also, we have all heard about how good laughter is for us because it helps reduce stress.  

According to the website for the Women’s and Children’s Network on Kids’ Health, some children did a survey of what made the people in their class laugh.  Here is what they found:

  • "My little brother makes me laugh because he does such funny things - he's only a baby."
  • "Knock knock jokes."
  • "Watching funny movies."
  • "My friend - because he is really funny."
  • "My favorite comedians."
  • "Hanging out with my friends because we have fun together and laugh a lot."
  • "Watching home movies, especially when mom and dad look so funny with their hairstyles and the clothes they had when they were young."

Since my passion is to promote reading, I would like to connect the dots between encouraging reading and laughter. One of the types of books we had at our home for our sons to read were joke books.  We loved to laugh and our sons seemed to be natural at laughing and joking around.  The joke books were a special family treat on occasions.

Today, with the expansion of the internet, there are all sorts of websites that have good, clean jokes and riddles for children to read and enjoy.  So, spend some time laughing and reading with your children.  Those will be very special times indeed!

Author Soraya Diase Coffelt

When was the Last Time that You Read to a Child in Your Lap?

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.
— Emilie Buchwald

           Reading time with children should always be a fun time for you and them.  Have you thought about it also being a time to show your child your love?  When was the last time that you put your child in your lap and actually read to him/her?  This quote from Emile Buchwald is very touching to me.  Generally, children learn the love of reading from their parents.  They observe their parents reading.  Their parents spend time reading to them.  But, actually taking your child and sitting your child on your lap to read is extremely loving and personal.  It is saying to your child “I love you so much that I want to share this special time and book with you and build a loving relationship while we do it.” 

          Twenty years from now – what do you want your child to remember of the childhood years?  A mom or dad who were too busy to sit down and read a book to and with them?  Or a mom and dad who intentionally set aside time for the child to make the child feel loved and important?  Create memories now and build a reader while you are doing it.

Author Soraya Diase Coffelt


The Importance of Children Having Pets

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.
— Groucho Marx

When my children were growing up, we usually had a dog and a cat for them to play with and take care of.  Research has shown that pets have an important role in the lives of children.  They teach compassion and love; responsibility; and companionship.  Often, they provide security to a child.  

It’s very important though to make sure that your family has the time and energy to take care of a pet, especially a dog.  If you get a puppy, understand that a lot of time will have to be invested training the puppy, especially if it is to be an indoors pet.

 One of my sisters recently bought a puppy at a fundraising auction for her children’s school.  Yes – the puppy looked oh so cute.  But, little did she know what they would have to endure as a family with a new puppy – constant yipping, going to the bathroom all over the house, barking at everyone, etc.  It is now almost 9 months since she purchased the puppy, and things have improved, but after much struggle.

There are many adult dogs and cats that can be adopted too.  Take the plunge if you haven’t already.  A pet adds a special dynamic to your children’s lives.

Author Soraya Diase Coffelt