It's Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin
A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Halloween
Soraya Diase Coffelt

Halloween has become one of the most popular and commercially profitable holidays in America, yet the true origin of this day is often missed. Almost everyone equates "trick or treat" with Halloween, but what events were the catalyst behind this centuries-old tradition?

This delightfully illustrated children's story is sure to become a tradition for you and your family as October rolls around each year. It will be a helpful tool to instruct children on the important historical background behind this holiday and to reflect on what is important.

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"The books are warm and engaging. The tone is kind, reverent and at times, really funny. The illustrations are beautiful. These books are gorgeous and again, at times, funny. (The illustrations made my son laugh out loud.)"
Not the Former Things
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"For parents wanting to teach their children about the true meaning of Halloween, Soraya Diase Coffelt’s book, It’s Not About You Mr. Pumpkin, offers the perfect little book to begin the discussion with their children about the history of Halloween."
Wanda, Watered Soul
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"Humor, history and rich illustrations create fun and informative holiday tales for all kids."
Grandma's Briefs
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"A delightful book dealing not with goblins and witches, but with the true meaning of Halloween ... I adore the cute illustrations and the delightful way the author has explained the holiday in easy- to-understand passages that are often funny and always charming ... The author's lyrical writing makes for a fun and delightful book that is fun to read without being scary or violent, and one that children will turn to again and again."
Linda Morelli, MyShelf
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"This book gives the history in a way kids will understand, while letting the Christian viewpoint seep through. And all of this without being preachy."
T. Drecker, Bookworm For Kids
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"A great read for anyone with children. I am an adult and enjoyed this easy to read book with great illustrations too. It was easy to understand and easy to read. I do believe it was put on a child’s level too ... I encourage you to go buy a copy of this book and read it with your family or any young children that you can."
Steve Patterson, Courageous Christian Father
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"This book is delightful! ... Best of all, Soraya shares Scripture at the beginning of the story and at the end. Not only that, but she dedicates a page to celebrating Jesus and leading the reader to Jesus in a very sweet way. I really liked this and the story just seems to naturally lead to this. It's just perfect ... Any child would love this story and these adorable illustrations! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars."
Julie, More of Him
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"The illustrations are perfect for young children and the writing is easy to understand ... 5/5."
Jessica Barnes, Book Reviews From a Christian Gal
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"The illustrations clearly describe the history of Halloween in a fun and understandable way for kids. My favorite part of the book, however is at the end where Soraya includes an invitation for the child to make Jesus Lord of his/her life."
The Mommies
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"This book is delightful! It has wonderful illustrations and the story was excellent ... What I really liked is that there is nothing in the book that would scare younger children."
Julie Danielson
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Reading helps children achieve their divine destinies.
— Soraya Diase Coffelt

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