It's Not About You, Mr. Santa Claus
A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Christmas
Soraya Diase Coffelt

Darling! Precious! Touching! And perfect for sharing the true meaning of Christmas with little ones. Ms. Coffelt has created an excellent tool for sharing Jesus Christ with children. This gem is a book you will want to give to every child and parent of little ones you know.
— Jim and Elizabeth George, authors of "God's Wisdom for Little Boys" and "God's Wisdom for Little Girls"

Christmas is one of the most important holidays celebrated in most countries around the world, yet the true origin of this special day is often missed. Almost everyone equates Santa Claus and the giving of gifts with Christmas, but what event was the catalyst behind this centuries-old tradition?

This delightfully illustrated children's story is sure to become a tradition for you and your family as the holiday rolls around each year. Christmas is a special time and celebration and one in which we must take time to reflect on what is most important.

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"The books are warm and engaging. The tone is kind, reverent and at times, really funny. The illustrations are beautiful. These books are gorgeous and again, at times, funny. (The illustrations made my son laugh out loud.)"
Not the Former Things
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"I highly recommend this book for your little child or even the children's department at your church or local ministry."
Courageous Christian Father Blog
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"A book about the true meaning of Christmas. Unfortunately, in our modern time, a lot of children do not know the true meaning of Christmas.  They think it’s all about Santa Claus and do not realize it all has to do with the birth of Jesus.  Soraya clearly explains in detail the meaning of Christmas straight from the Bible."
The Mommies
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"Humor, history and rich illustrations create fun and informative holiday tales for all kids."
Grandma's Briefs
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"A charming and delightful illustrated children's book that tells the story of Christmas from a child's standpoint - in a letter to Santa Claus ... Soraya Diase Coffelt has written an excellent and easily understood explanation of the true meaning of Christmas that children 5 to 10 years old will enjoy and cherish. The illustrations by Tea Seroya are whimsical and excellently rendered, the story is captivating and will keep any child's attention."
Linda Morelli, MyShelf
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"I got a chuckle out of several things in this story. It would definitely entertain a child while explaining very well about Jesus. I love this book. It's easily understood so even the youngest of children could enjoy it."
Julie Danielson
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Reading helps children achieve their divine destinies.
— Soraya Diase Coffelt

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