One of the Most Important Ways to Show a Child Love

Many parents believe that showering their children with gifts is an important way to show their love.  In other words, buy them something.  While it is true that gifts are one way to show our love, I believe that a more wonderful way is spending time with our children.  If you haven’t noticed, they are constantly seeking our attention.  With our two sons, my late husband and I had special times just for them –early in the morning and at night as we were putting them to bed.  Both those times were dedicated to reading to them.  Often, our sons would pick out their favorite books to read (or have read to them).  Other times, we had a new one to read.  It may have been a book about dinosaurs, or Star Wars, or taking baths – it didn’t matter.  We made it special for each of them.  In fact, I still have some of their favorite books as keepsakes and fondly remember those days!

Author Soraya Diase Coffelt