Did You Know that You Could be Awesome and a Book Nut Too!

“Be awesome! Be a book nut!”
-Dr. Seuss

Being a book nut often has negative connotations.  It generally refers to someone who has his head buried in a book and could care less about what is going on around him.  In other words, a boring person.  Often, that person is called a book worm too.  Worms don’t have the best reputations in the world – they are slimy and slither all over the place.

Very rarely is a book nut also described as being someone who is awesome. The famous children’s author Dr. Seuss put them together and equated awesomeness with being a book nut.  How wonderful!

Think about it.  A book nut isn’t truly a boring person because a person who loves books can’t be a person who doesn’t care about his surroundings.  Quite the opposite - reading makes a person more in touch with his feelings and the feelings of those around him.  Someone who is considered “a nut” is someone who is zealous and a bit crazy about living and enjoying life. Nothing is slimy or slithery about him.  A large part of enjoying life is reading good books.  There is absolutely nothing boring about visiting the Himalayas on an adventure tonight in a book and then visiting New Guinea tomorrow night in a mystery “who done it” book.  I consider myself a book nut and an awesome one at that!

Author Soraya Diase Coffelt