Children are like Arrows Waiting to be Directed By Their Parents

The children born to a man when he is young are like arrows in the hand of a warrior.
— Psalm 127:4 (God’s Word Translation)

Parents have such immense influence on their children.  Pslam 127:4 states that “the children born to a man when he is young are like arrows in the hand of a warrior.” In other words, children are like arrows in their parents’ quivers and it is up to the parents to shoot them in the proper direction. 

Our children have not only their physical lives, but also their spiritual lives that must be directed. In their physical lives, parents must ensure at a minimum that their children have the basic necessities of good food, shelter and clothing.

Parents should be intimately involved in their children’s education and be active in reviewing homework and speaking to teachers. They must also monitor their children’s activities, including friendships.

Many parents often forget that their children have spiritual lives.  As a lay children’s minister, I understand the importance of ministering to children, leading them to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and helping them grow in the Word.  Looking back at my own Christian journey, it all began when I accepted Jesus into my life as a child of about 9 years old.  But how many Christian parents truly consider this spiritual aspect of their children?   Do they just send their children off to children’s church hoping or expecting that others will take care of their spiritual upbringing as well?

Parents should be extremely vigilant in their children’s spiritual development and growth because they ultimately steer the direction that their children will go. 

Author Soraya Diase Coffelt