When Does Preparation for Our Child’s Graduation Really Begin?

I attended the college graduation of my youngest son James this past weekend.  It was truly a joyous occasion as he passed from being an inexperienced undergraduate student to an experienced college graduate.  Looking back on his education, I came to the conclusion that the preparation for his college graduation did not begin the week or semester before the actual graduation date.

It started when he was still a child.  He would not have been able to meet all the rigorous requirements for graduating from college if his dad and I had not prepared him from very young to be an exceptional reader.   He has a deep love for books.  It began with us reading books to him and then him reading for himself.  We paid him and his brother $1 for each book that they read.  Soon, they forgot all about the money (yes … it’s hard to believe) and only wanted more and more books to read.  Reading a book today has a great impact on our children’s many tomorrows. 

Author Soraya Diase Coffelt