Weight Lifting for the Brain

Books are weight lifting for the brain.
— Tim Green, Former NFL Player & Author

It is great to hear about the NFL getting involved in promoting literacy.  Prime spokespersons are the Giants running back Rashad Jennings and former Atlanta Falcons defensive end Tim Green who kicked off an NFL program last year that encourages physical and academic fitness.  The program is Play 60/Read 20.  It emphasizes physical activity for 60 minutes a day and reading for 20 minutes.
Tim Green is an excellent role model for students.  After his career in the NFL, he went on to become a lawyer and a best-selling author.  He volunteers a great deal of his time talking to students throughout the US about the importance of reading and education.  “Not just myself, but everyone's career ends," he said. "Every professional athlete, the career ends and then what are you? You are whatever you created for yourself through education."

Author Soraya Diase Coffelt