Pray for Your Children's Teachers

As the new school year flows into its second month, consider teaching your children to pray for their teachers.  Before doing so, be sure to read Shane Pruitt’s August 10, 2016 online article 10 Ways to Pray for Your Child’s Teacher This School Year.  Here are some of his suggestions:

  1. Pray for peace in the classroom.  With so many different children with all kinds of personalities and so many demands placed on the teacher, the spirit of peace should reign. 
  2. Pray for wisdom on how and what to teach and also what the teacher should say to each student.  
  3. Pray for patience, strength and understanding to guide the children along the proper paths.
  4. Pray for unity – unity within the classroom, unity in the relationship between parents and the teacher, unity among the teachers, and unity within the school and its administration.
  5. Pray for the teacher’s spiritual, physical and emotional endurance.  Your children need and deserve teachers who are stable and grounded and will last through the entire school year.
  6. Pray for the teacher’s personal life.  Oftentimes, we don’t think about a teacher’s life outside the classroom.  Pray for the teacher’s home life – marriage and children, etc.  Pray that the teacher has interesting hobbies that he/she can enjoy and relax with and then return to the classroom refreshed.

This year, instead of complaining about teachers, pray for them.  “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16 NIV)  You can read the entire article by CLICKING HERE.