Famous Athletes Are Promoting Reading – You Can Be a Great Athlete and a Great Reader Too

It’s inspiring to have famous athletes such as Rashad Jennings and Tim Green, football players, be role models as athletes and readers.  In fact, Mr. Jennings established a foundation dedicated to promoting reading in elementary school.  Mr. Green writes fiction sports books for older children.

 Mr. Jennings established the Rashad Jennings Foundation because of the difficulties he had with reading as a child and understanding the importance of literacy in a child’s life.  On his website, he tells his story, which is truly impressive.  He had to overcome a very difficult home environment with his alcoholic father who always criticized him.  Mr. Jennings had a dream to play in the NFL as a running back but the odds were stacked against him.  He had to overcome problems in reading, which he ultimately did, and is now a successful running back playing with the New York Giants.  His foundation sponsors a reading challenge in which elementary schools can participate and children win all kinds of prizes for reading.  

Mr. Green was a football player, playing as a top defensive player with the Atlanta Falcons, but is now an author of sports novels for young adults.  He has partnered with the NFL to promote reading.  Their slogan is “Play 60-Read 20”, advocating athletics as part of a school’s healthy curriculum as well as reading at least 20 minutes a day.  He frequently speaks at schools all over the US promoting literacy and he uses the money from speaking engagements to buy books for schools, libraries and children who could not otherwise afford them.  Learn more about Mr. Green on his website.  

Needless to say, both men are friends.  Read more about them and be encouraged.