On Presidents’ Day, February 20, Make Learning About Presidents Interesting and Fun for Children

On Monday, February 20, we celebrate Presidents’ Day as a national holiday.  Every year it is celebrated on the third Monday in February.  It actually began with celebrating the birthday of George Washington, our first president.  In the 1980s, the holiday was changed to honor primarily two presidents born in February, Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Instead of this being just another day off to lounge around the house or do chores, dedicate it to helping your children learn more about these and other presidents through fun activities, many of which involve reading.  Not only are there many books about presidents, but there are also innumerable websites that have creative activities to do with your children.  Some websites list fun facts, others have games, word puzzles, crafts, free educational videos, and you can even take a virtual tour of the White House.

Find out what activities are planned in your community.  Usually, there are parades and other celebrations.  Many communities have made the holiday especially appealing to children by arranging scavenger hunts in museums and art classes all involving the theme of presidents.  

You can make it interesting and enjoyable for your children to learn history.  Soon your children will be asking for much more!

Websites about Presidents’ Day for children: